Find one, you'll find them all!

In Santa's hometown, enterprises are friends as well! By recommending each other, enterprises help customers to find good quality service and interesting business. The idea was discovered by Advertising Kioski in 24hr Design Competition (unfortunately the linked text is in Finnish) arranged during the Rovaniemi Design Week 2012. Arctic Circles' Circle of Service has been tailoring the concept to the participatory companies' needs.

In the Circle of Service, workshoppers find and concept ways for enterprises to recommend a friend. Watch the video to get an insight into storyboard method used by service designers - how they develop ideas by testing, picking out the most potential ones and developing them further.  Hear also Andres Felipe del Rio's thoughts about how Arctic Circles responds to his intrests in the field of service design. 

Circle of Service will present their ideas at "Rovaniemi Visiofoorumi" arranged in Sampokeskus on Friday the 1st June at 11.00-14.00. The designed recommending chains will be brought into plays by companies taking part in the "Find one, you'll find them all" -campaign. You are welcome to Sampokeskus to get the map of the co-operative enterprises and see how the Circle of Service has concretized the visions of the past week.

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