Sustainability - Arctic Circles Workshop 29.-31.5.2012

Arctic Circles Summer School will start in a week. It's time to introduce the Circles (29.-31.5.) and the Field Cases (4.-6.6.). The description of the Circle of Art has already been published - you can find it here. Now, we're gonna present the Circle of Sustainability:

Arctic Circles Summer School's Circle of Sustainability will take a look at the future of Rovaniemi as an arctic sustainable city. They'll explore the existing situation in Rovaniemi and move on to develop a concept for the preferred one. What is the preferred image of the urban and arctic life? Question of how can design contribute to make Rovaniemi a sustainable city in the arctic region, is raised. We don't have to invent sustainability –nature has done it for us –we just have to remember it!

  • Participants: International students of the Arctic Circles Art & Design Summer School 
  • Teachers: Professor Michael Hardt (Guest professor and doctorate at the University of Lapland, Design Consultant) Senior Lecturer Hanna Viitasaari (MA Industrial Design, University of Lapland)   
  • Assistants: Sanna Konola and Tilla Theiss      

Miltä näyttää Rovaniemen tulevaisuus kulttuurisen ja ekologisen kestävän kehityksen näkökulmasta? Ensimmäisen kansainvälisen Arctic Circles kesäkoulun kestävän kehityksen ryhmä tarkastelee Joulupukin kotikaupunkia ja visioi sen tulevaisuutta.

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