Arctic Circles SUMMER School features showers of hail

Yesterday the weather didn't favour the Art group preparing the "Riversounds Ii" - work of art. During the first week in Rovaniemi, the group is going to get acquainted with the theme, plan the artworks, make prototypes and test materials for the final artworks at Ii. It was cold and blowy when they went out on a "Inspiration Journey". By the time they reached the riverside it was HAILING! Finnish Summer truly is full of surprises..

The group joined the Arctic Circles Workshop: Santa´s Summer Reindeers and got to work in the sunshine (for ten minutes before it started to hail again!). In spite of this kind natural phenomenon in late May they hammered away at some bendy natural branches, got to know new people and planned reindeer sculptures for the herd whose premiere is on Friday.

The Arctic Circle participants finished the day by gathering together and having a art discussion in the Napa gallery.

Today it seems to be sunny outside - probably new reindeer sculptures are going to join the herd!

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