We don´t have to invent sustainability –nature has done it for us –we just have to remember it!

The Circle of Sustainability participants work with the guidance of group leaders, Michael Hardt and Hanna Viitasaari. The group takes a look at the future of Rovaniemi as an arctic sustainable city. They explore the existing situation in Rovaniemi and move on to develop a concept for the preferred one. Question of how can design contribute to make Rovaniemi a sustainable city in the arctic region, is raised.  

Michael Hardt inspired people to think about their sustainable dream city. He emphasized that dream city is for the human beings living in relation and harmony with nature. Attached video shows how brainstorming is made in the workshop - many post-its get filled with ideas and visions of sustainable design for human beings.

Tarja Outila, land use chief of Rovaniemi city, visited the Arctic Circles Art & Design Summer School. Outila presented the plans the city has for the future. Outila's presentation helped the Circle of Sustainability to confront the reality since the group was in "visionary dream phase". 

Hardt was pleased by Outila's statement that people are not taking part in the discussion. So there's room for discussion - together we can turn plans into visions! Every Rovaniemi citizen has a chance to come and comment on visions introduced by Arctic Circles Summer School's participants. You are very welcome to "Rovaniemi Visiofoorumi" in Sampokeskus on Friday from 10 am to 2 pm. The exhibition continues upstairs until Thursday 7th June.

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