Willow reindeers took over the Lordi Square!

The Art group of Arctic Circles Summer School wondered what the Santa's reindeers do in the summer? Look from the video what they found out!

The workshop led, by Glen Coutts and Maria Huhmarniemi, results in a series of temporary reindeer sculptures in the centre of Rovaniemi. Reindeers are very closely connected to Santa Claus, and are well known as part of the image of Rovaniemi as Santa's hometown. Reindeer theme was very attractive for the international participants of the Arctic Circles Summer School who worked in reindeer's midst for three days.

There is a series of public sculptures representing reindeers in Rovaniemi, this series is called "Pororaito" (line of reindeers). In 2008 four new sculptures were made and that project’s aim was to increase the attractiveness of Rovaniemi as cultural city and enliven the city's landscape through art. Arctic Circles' Circle of Art participates in this mission by producing willow reindeers for townspeople's delectation. The project and its results have excited many passers-by who paused to wonder the ongoing work. 

Kuvat ja video: Anna-Mari Nukarinen

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