Busy day at the Visioforum!

The first week of Arctic Circles finished with a public event at Sampokeskus. Each group presented their results of the tasks related to Santa's hometown.

The Circle of Service had several ideas for chains of recommendations between local companies. How would you feel if after finding the most perfect couloured ball of yarn from your local craft store with a sign saying that "You can find paint in this color from the hardware store next door"?  This and the other fun ideas for making recommendations will be taken into practice next fall when the “Find one, Find them all” campaign will be fully launched! 

The Circle of Sustainability came up with visions for future Rovaniemi. Rovaniemi oppii luonnosta – Rovaniemi learns from nature inspires us to take the learnings of nature to the city life. Most passbyers commented that they would like to see more nature within the center of Rovaniemi.

The Circle of Art brought in two works. The Santa’s summer reindeers made of willow actually brought a piece of nature to the Lordi Square. Inside the Riversounds group used the water feature to display their thoughts on the sounds that water makes. Have you ever noticed how many sounds a river actually makes?

Watch the video from Visioforum here.

Between 2.-7.6 the works can be seen on the 2nd floor of Sampokeskus during the opening hours. Please leave comments and your information on the raffle tickets to win some Design Year prizes!

The prize draw will take place at Tulossavotta event at Pilke on Thursday 7.6 13-16. In Tulossavotta we will hear what the groups did on the second week of the Arctic Circles Summer School.

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