Sustainable Culture Park - what could it be?

Group of Arctic Sustainability is out and about with the Culture Park plan in Inari. After Michael Hardt's lecture "Perceiving Sustainabiilty" and the municipality's brief they've been examining the area where the park is supposed to be in the future. 


Arctic Circles rub elbows with living reindeers instead of those made out of willow

The plan requires lots of discussions and brainstorming - looking for alternative solutions. Arctic Circles co-operates with Sami Education Institute and there are also local people participating to produce a draft for the Culture Park. They've had an important role in the process.

An idea about Culture Park as unrefined, versatile place for activities and get-togethers is taking form. The concept is worked at conceptual, topographical, architectural, social and virtual levels. The history of Inari, inhabitant, culture and future are becoming integrated.

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