Service Design Field Case participants as flies on the wall

The mission of the Service Design groups was to go to their targets and do some shadowing - be flies on the wall. The ones working with the Rinteenkulma Shopping Mall -case observed customers in the mall and drew their paths on the floor plan. This is a method to get information about customers' moves and bring out objects in need of improvement. Shadowing is also a way to find out what are the eye-catching objects in the environment - these spots are documented for further use in workshops. 

Another half of the group went to Pilke to explore the building both outside and inside. What feelings the building invokes? How about when you step in? What do you see, hear, feel, smell? Does the street-view match up to the services that Pilke offers? 

The Service Design groups continue the work with their cases by bringing "real customers" in the design processes. There will be different target groups in tomorrow's workshops. We'll see few methods used in co-creation! It has something to do with trees (how felicitous for working on Pilke!) and games...

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