Users as co-creators in Service Design workshops

Today Service Design groups have been working in the Sinco service prototyping laboratory. They've been developing ideas based on the user information got from the co-creation processes.

In addition to get user information, the idea in the co-creative workshops was to learn to use different service design methods.  The group working with Rinne Shopping Mall had a development interview with customers who were assigned to imagine their dream mall. Another task was to play a game with question cards. Those working with the Pilke case used a "tree method" - a tool for mapping and collecting participators' opinions and feelings. What kind of experiences and expectations users have? They figured this out by building a board game to present Pilke as an user experience from entrance to exit. 

Now the ideas are concretized and will be presented in an approximately one minute long video. The group working with Rinne decided to shoot the whole video in Sinco Service Innovation Corner. The video presenting new service ideas for Pilke is combining material shot in Sinco with some animated pictures. This way the Arctic Circles participants got to use Sinco as a service design method. As you see from the video attached below, Sinco is a tool to create service situation scenes.

Come to see the results of the Arctic Circles' Field Cases in Tulossavotta. Tulossavotta is arranged in Pilke library tomorrow 7.6. at 13-16. Welcome!

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