Tulossavotta finished Arctic Circles

Eleven days have passed and Arctic Circles Art & Design Summer School has come to an end. Field Case results were shared in Tulossavotta arranged in Pilke. 

The international and multidisciplinary Sustainability team was proud to present their concept of a cultural park called Varddos. Team's task was to provide a creative input and inspiration for the planners for use and design of the former ice hockey field and Kiianpuisto area in Inari center. The result is a place and a space where people like to meet, chat, be and observe: Varddos. Varddos is the heart of Inari where paths start and end, a place where villagers can gather and strangers meet. It is a place for activities and festivities that keeps old traditions alive and invents new ones. It is built from sustainable and natural materials of wood, stone, land and it is changing and organic in structure. Varddos is tradition going into the future. 

The aim of the Art team was to plan a welcoming party for the artists arriving to the Art Biennale of Ii 2012 and for the local people living in Ii. As a final result of the workshop RiverSounds, the team created an Art Trail that started from the Art Center KulttuuriKauppila and led the people to the new environmental art park of Ii. The performative walk was based on a story written by a local participant. The trail told a story of the spirit of log floating and the artworks that the different groups had made were part of it, as the story continued with the trail. The event and the works achieved their final forms naturally through making. Small groups started planning their works to different places. In the end all the pieces found their place in the puzzle of RiverSounds workshop and the story made it whole.   

There were two teams working in Rovaniemi in the field of service design. The one working with Pilke case suggests that forest would spill out outside the Pilke building. The co-creative processes with customers proved that forest is a state of mind, in a way almost a holy place for many finnish people. In team's results a forest feeling reachs a potential customer even before he steps in. This happens through the touch of forest - e.g. images and sounds. Wouldn't it be nice to traverse on the way a underpass covered with beautiful forest graffities, hear birds singing in the staircase or get guidance by signposts familiar from hiking tracks?

Rinteenkulma Shopping Mall service team presented their ideas about how to make the mall more customer friendly. The team has very nice suggestions for elements upgrading navigating from one shop to another. These elements deal e.g. with infoboards that categorize the shops and marking the parking areas and other mall facilities. The team was inspired by metromaps - good idea to point out the "stops" wouldn't you say? 

WDC2012 Helsinki-Rovaniemi thanks all the participants and partners in cooperation for giving their contribution to the first Arctic Circles Art & Design Summer School!

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