Arctic Circles - Join the coolest Summer School of 2012!

Arctic Circles - taiteen ja muotoilun kesäkoulun ilmoittautuminen on nyt avoinna! Aiheina palvelumuotoilu, kestävä kehitys ja ympäristö- ja yhteisötaide. Opiskeluympäristöinä Rovaniemi, Inari ja Ii! Kesäkoulu on maksuton ja opiskelijoilla on mahdollisuus saada siitä opintopisteitä omien opintojensa mukaisesti. Ohessa lisätietoja:

Join the Coolest Summer School of 2012! 

The first International Arctic Circles - Art & Design Summer School is an exploration to user centered art and design in the light of the Lapland's Midnight Sun!

The Arctic Circles brings together international students and professionals from various fields of art and design to Rovaniemi, Finland 27.5-7.6.2012. The task is to explore the intriguing challenges the arctic climate, culture and location poses on art and design by using different methods of involving the users and audiences to art and design processes.

The main themes of the Arctic Circles are Service Design, Sustainable Design and Applied Arts. Through joint studies and knowledge exchange we aim to deepen the understanding of all subjects.  The lectures and workshops given by leading researchers, artists and designers, such as professors Peter Stebbing, Satu Miettinen, Glen Coutts and Michael B. Hardt, build up the base for practice orientated workshops. The real life cases provide a unique possibility to put the theories in use in arctic surroundings!

The Arctic Circles is free of charge but only 60 can be admitted! More information and the link to the registration form.

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