Let's design march to Reykjavik!

DesignMarch Reykjavík, Iceland’s most important annual design event, hosts an exhibition Suopunki – Design from Lapland in 14.-17.3.2013. We are proud to set up the exhibition in one of the main venues of DesignMarch: Harpa, the beautiful Reykjavík concert hall and conference centre. DesignMarch is coeval with Rovaniemi Design Week – both are celebrating their fifth birthday this year.

"For four days, Reykjavik plays host to hundreds of openings, exhibitions, workshops and events, spreading across the city from the harbour to the lava fields surrounding it. Starting with a day of international Design Talks, the festival showcases the best local creative scene, ranging from architecture to fashion, fonts, furniture and food design”, DesignMarch describes itself.

The exhibition Suopunki fits very well in the festival programme. The nature and traditions are the strong basis for design, here in Lapland and there in Iceland. It is a question of how to re-invent the basis and find fresh means of expressions. The result is design which combines the demands of the modern-day, world-class know-how and creative thinking.

Design from Lapland, Northern Finland, draws inspiration from the extremes. The location on the Arctic Circle, the cold and the wild, the traditions and cutting edge technologies combined to the delicate relationship to the nature can be seen in the DesignMarch exhibition Suopunki. Suopunki collects together works of the eighteen designers from Lapland, Finland. Suopunki is the Finnish name for the traditional equipment used to catch reindeer when single individuals are separated from the herds. In the exhibition the name is a metaphor for collecting together designers from different design scenes. The northern location in Lapland and drawing inspiration from the arctic nature or nature materials, are the common denominators for the designers. The exhibition introduces six arctic companies: Akmeelikoru, Arkheen, Jaur, Kaisa Sirén, Maari and Paperivalo. The expertise of University of Lapland is visible in the works of twelve design students: Tarja Alahuhta, Annika Heikkinen, Mauri Härkönen, Ulla Järvi, Elisa Käyrä, Sanna Konola, Netta Korhonen, Krista Korpikoski, Marjo Kujala, Jenni Marttila, Pirita Norvanto and Jenni-Liisa Yliniva. Audiovisual material exhibited in Suopunki showcases University of Lapland’s projects for example in the fields of media art, snow design and fire sculptures.

The exhibition Suopunki is organized by WDC 2012 Helsinki–Rovaniemi -project. The northern city of Rovaniemi, Rovaniemi Regional Development Agency Ltd and University of Lapland promote arctic perspective on design; combining arctic requirements, top research as well as education, the expertise of creative industry companies and northern culture.

Read more about the participating designers from here.

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